4 Star Hotels in Seville

Hotel Las Casas del Rey de BaezaFour star hotels in Seville should offer a higher level of comfort, with significantly larger rooms than one, two and three stars. Expect higher service levels and extra amenities in most cases.

All will have:

  • Private bathroom in the room
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Breakfast service
  • Restaurant, bar or cafe
  • Television (most cases international channels)
  • Telephone in room
  • Elevator
  • 24 Hour reception
  • Private parking
  • Almost 24 hour room service
  • WiFi / internet access (possible cost)

Possible additional amenities and services:

  • Hot / cooked breakfast items
  • Bar, restaurant or cafe
  • Satelite / International Television
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness area / gym, spa

As a general rule, do not expect these types of services:

  • Swimming pool (maybe less than half of the 4* hotels in Seville have pools)
  • 24 hour room service

Hotels and accomodation by category


Hotel de Rey de Baeza
Prices start at: 145 €
Hotel Casas del Rey de Baeza is located in the historical centre of Seville, just a few blocks away from the Casa de Pilatos and other monuments. The hotel offers it's guests a high quality exceeding it's standard. This traditional 18th century mansion has 44 bedrooms, each unique in it's architecture and decoration. The Hotel preserves the historic qualities of the house while the rooms are decorated with a modern and elegant touch, ensuring that your stay is comfortable. More information...


Hotel Casa Romana
Prices start at: 160 €
Hotel Casa Romana is located in the shopping district in the centre of Seville, a very short walk to the Campana and the main shopping streets of Sierpes and Tetuan. The hotel is in a rehabilitated Sevillian style house which opened in September of 2004. Comprised of 26 rooms, the hotel has two wings: a more modern wing with windows onto an open air central patio and a more classical wing with higher ceilings including some rooms with windows onto the street. More information...


Hotel Casas de la Juderia
Prices start at: 130 €
Hotel Casas de la Juderia is located in the barrio Santa Cruz in the historical centre of Seville, a very short walk from the Cathedral and Reales Alcazar. The hotel is a complex of houses and palaces, interconnected through a series of patios and walkways. Offering 118 rooms, each is unique in it's design and layout. Guests will enjoy an authentic Andalusian style house with flowers, courtyards, fountains and wrought iron gates, blending perfectly with Seville and the Barrio Santa Cruz. The hotel provides a wide variety of services and amenities for their guests.More information...


Hotel Inglaterra
Prices start at: 95 €
Hotel Inglaterra is located in the heart of the city center of Seville, overlooking the Plaza Nueva and Ayuntamiento. The hotel, with a history of almost 150 years, offers a full range of services, including La Galeria Restaurant, Trinity Irish Pub and a large buffet breakfast salon which overlooks the Plaza Nueva. Having undergone recent renovations, many of the 86 rooms in the Hotel Inglaterra have been updated to offer modern conveniences while maintaining a classical style indicative of the hotel's history.
More information...


Hotel Villa de la Palmera
Prices start at: 134 €
Hotel Villa de la Palmera is located on the Avenida de la Palmera, the site of the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition. The hotel is a former private home of the Marquis and Marquise of Castilleja, built in the early 20th century and renovated for use as a hotel in 1999. The 12 guest rooms are spacious and comfortable, complimented by a full range of four star hotel amenities and services including: breakfast and room service, swimming pool, gardens and guest terrace, free parking and free (WiFi) internet access.
More information...


Hotel Doña Maria
Prices start at: 89 €
Hotel Doña Maria is situated at the door step of the Cathedral, on the edge of Barrio Santa Cruz in the historical center of Seville. The Hotel has 64 rooms, each unique in it's decoration and dimensions, plus large common areas such as the central lobby with cafe, breakfast room, solarium and roof terrace with bar and swimming pool. The building is a former 14th century casa-palacio owned by Samuel Levi, advisor and confidant of King Pedro I, "The Cruel". So close were the advisor and the King that special underground tunnels connected the mansion with the Alcázar, the King's residence. More information...


Hotel Marqués Santa Ana
Prices start at: 95 €
Hotel Marqués Santa Ana is located in a recently renovated 19th century building, situated in the Arenal quarter of Seville a few blocks from the Plaza Nueva. The hotel offers amenities such as a roof top terrace with view of the Cathedral, private garage, and free high speed internet access - both in room and in the lobby on several computers. The hotel opened in March 2005 and was renovated to include 57 rooms spanning three floors. Some rooms have balconies to a small street. This is a more modern hotel in the center. More information...


Hotel Petit Palace Santa Cruz
Prices start at: 95 €
Hotel Petit Palace Santa Cruz is located in a renovated 17th century building, situated in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Seville. The area is in an excellent location for exploring the city on foot, and is very convenient to the major monuments and sights. The hotel, renovated to include two central patios and 35 guest rooms distributed over three floors, recently opened in March 2006. With three sides of the building facing the street, almost all of the rooms have balconies or exterior windows. More information...


Hotel Becquer
Prices start at: 95 €
Hotel Becquer is located about 3 blocks from the river and the bridge to the Triana quarter. The situation is also convenient to the central shopping district, Arenal quarter (Plaza de Toros), and the Plaza Nueva. While less charning, the hotel offers good prices in the 4 star range with plenty of amenities as well as very comfortable rooms. More information...


Hotel Casa 1800
Prices start at: 110 €
Hotel Casa 1800 is a new hotel located two blocks from the Cathedral, marking the entrance into the juderia quarter of the city. Guests will have the major monuments at their doorstep, while the narrows streets of the juderia are just behind the hotel. Plenty of tapas bars and restaurants are located along the adjacent Mateos Gago street. More information...


Hotel Fernando III
Prices start at: 95 €
Hotel Fernando III is an older 4 star hotel which is in a perfect location, adjacent to the Plaza Santa Maria la Blanca in the juderia quarter. The hotel boasts large rooms and a small roof top pool with views of the neighborhood and the Giralda. Although the hotel is older, it offer some of the best rates in the 4 star category within the neighborhood. More information...


Hotel Vincci la Rabida
Prices start at: 105 €
Hotel Vincci la Rabida is located in the Arenal quarter of the city, perhaps one of the most centrally located neighborhoods in Seville. Guests will find themselves within 5 minutes or less from the Cathedral and Alcazar, Plaza de Toros, river and central shopping district. The area also has plenty of tapas bars and restaurants. More information...


Hotel Cervantes
Prices start at: 95 €
Hotel Cervantes is located a few minutes from La Campana and calle Sierpes, two major markers of the central shopping district. Behind the hotel lies the Macarena neighborhood, calle Feria and the Alameda de Hercules, all up and coming districts with plenty of local flavour. More information...


Hotel San Gil
Prices start at: 90 €
Hotel San Gil is located deep within the Macarena quarter of the city, just a few minutes from the Basilica de la Macarena. The location is further from the tourist area and major monuments, but in a beautiful more locals only area with plenty of charm and every day conveniences. The hotel boasts a swimming pool and large, typical guest bar. More information...


Hotel Fontecruz Sevilla
Prices start at: 100 €
Hotel Fontecruz opened in 2010 in an historic building just a few blocks from the Cathedral. The new hotel offers an excellent location and some spectacular views of the Cathedral and Giralda from the roof terrace. A mix of typical and modern throughout, the hotel is wonderully comfortable. More information...


Hotel Abba Triana
Prices start at: 92 €
Hotel Abba Triana overlooks the river: views of the city center are impressive. The new and modern hotel is less central to the major monuments but the walk is not difficult. This is especially a good choice for those looking to explore and experience the Triana quarter and the riverside. The hotel offers all of the amenities expected in a four star: breakfast service, restaurant, bar, swimming pool on the terrace and more. More information...


Hotel Husa Los Seises
Prices start at: 125 €
Hotel Hus Los Seises was once part of the Archbishop's residence, which is adjacent to the Cathedral. The hotel is best known for it's roof terrace with swimming pool and views of the Cathedral. There is also a bright spot in the recent opening of the patio dining area under the direction of La Raza, who operate other restaurants in the city, most notably La Raza in Maria Luisa Park. Central location, the hotel needs some renovation to bring it up to standard with other nearby options. More information...


Hotel Alfonso X
Prices start at: 85 €
Overlooking the Plaza Santa Maria la Blanca, the Hotel Alfonzo X is getting an addition (it appears) which should be open soon (if not already!). The location is perfect for visiting Santa Cruz, the juderia, and the major monuments. The hotel is more modern and comfortable, perhaps less charming and typical. A large number of rooms have windows which overlook the plaza, with views to some wonderfully restored historic buildings. More information...


Hotel Posada del Lucero
Prices start at: 95 €
Hotel Posada del Lucero was a lengthy renovation project to a 16th century building. Expect to see little of the original charm other than the layout and small details (brickwork, tiles saved during the renovation). The hotel is modern and functional, and in one of my favorite locations in the city, Santa Catalina. Rooms towards the back of the hotel are advisable as there is a lot of traffic on the road just outside the hotel. More information...



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