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Welcome to my site, Exploreseville.com. It's not always easy to figure out where the information is on my pages just by looking at the names of sections. On this page you'll find explanations for each section of Exploreseville. I'll soon be launching a FAQ page where I'll answer or point to information related to the topics you're often searching for. As always suggestions and comments via email are welcome and help me improve the site!

The Sections

Ok, it's a homepage so it's pretty straightforward. Here you'll find out about new sections, see some pictures (including the photo of the week), get the lowdown on the content inside and read my latest "Daily Entry" to see how life is going in Seville.

Photos of Seville
Somewhere around 40 photo albums of the sites, events and different things you'll see when in Seville. It's all Seville on this page.

Photos of Spain
The number of photos grew along with the number of places I've visited so I decided to launch this section. Most is of Andalucia - unfortunately a lot of my travel outside the region was done before digital cameras were common so I'm waiting for my photo albums to be sent to me to add more cities, towns, etc..

Sights to see
The general tourist stuff including times, prices and a little history. I'll be adding some of the out of the way sites where you'll find less tourists, at least until I have a lot of people reading this page and then I may ruin those secrets places!

Events & Exhibits
Festivals (aside from Semana Santa and Feria which have sections coming soon), events, concerts, dance performances, music, art and photography exhibits.

Semana Santa
Living in the center this is one of my favorite times in Sevilla. (Two of my biggest photo albums center around this - I typically take 500 photos per year.) This is a guide on the event, including vocabulary, customs, tips and a schedule (updated each year).

A guide to all that is Feria: fino, horses, sevillanas, eating and of course the rides and games! I don't got to Feria every year - it's a good time to hit the beach!

Learn about the Plaza de Toros, bullfighting, tickets and of course the schedule, renewed each year.
You can take a photo tour as well.

Basic Info
Stuff you'll need to know like the tourist office, phones, mail, news, prices and banking holidays in Sevilla and Spain. I kind of short change myself in this section - many of the other links include very basic and helpful information as well, but they deserved a section of their own.

What you need to know about it including a guide to the Euro, withdrawing and exchanging (including rates), credit cards, traveler's checks, ATM's and banks.

Always on the visitor's mind is avoiding the scams and thieves that roam every city. You'll learn tricks for keeping your stuff safe, what sections of the city to avoid during certain times and what to expect.

Getting to, around and out of Seville. Covers local transportation like walking, driving, taxi and the bus. Covers travel to and from Seville as in trains, planes, buses and automobiles, including approximate prices, times and frequency of rail trips.

Maps of Sevilla, Madrid, Granada, Córdoba, Jerez, Toledo and I think that's it. All in PDF format so you'll need Acrobat reader

Get the daily forecast for Sevilla plus average highs and lows as well as average rainfall for each month.

A list of 11 hotels and hostals with descriptions, amenities, approximate rates and a link to make a reservation online. Also a list of links to sites where you can reserve online from hotels, hostals, tours, apartments, rural housing and paradors.

Nightlife (La Marcha!)
It's about where to go when it's time for some nightlife, depending on where you want to go and what you want to do. Constantly evolving and with many changes planned...

The best place to catch live music, from concert halls to smaller bars. Listings of some local and larger acts coming soon to Sevilla and nearby towns and cities.

The best theatres in Sevilla, plus V.O. theatres (movies in original languages - yes, English!), online ticket prices and renting movies.

Dining Out
Where to eat depending on where you're located and the best locals only places to go (until you show up!). Coming soon is where to eat depending on what you're hungry for, including vegetarian - yes you can do this in Seville! - Italian, American and others.

Dining Out International and Vegetarian
Where you can find food from home or another country as well as the ever important vegetarian options. American, Italian, Greek and Mexican are just some of the options in this section.

The best place to find the food you need when you want to cook at home including local markets, supermarkets and bakeries. Also a list of foods from home you can expect to find and those you won't. If you locate anything in Sevilla on my "list of foods you won't find" please, please, please let me know!

A guide by stores, markets, shopping districts, and products and all the fun that goes along with shopping. Includes the best places to get those gifts to bring back home.

Side Trips
Seville is close to so many great places to visit and activities to do. I don't like that last sentence, but this is what the section is all about - cities, pueblos and activities such as skiing, camping and outdoor stuff.

Some of the curiosities and differences you may notice or simply want to know before your trip to Sevilla or Spain. Reading this will help you prepare for your stay and take the surprise (in a good way) or embarrassment (of course in a good way!) out of your first experiences.

Understanding the numbers game in Spain - not gambling - but Euros, decimals, kilos, and the like. Includes quick guides and charts to the most common conversions as well as links to sites where you can convert just about anything.

Street Folks
Who and what you may see in the streets while in Seville. From beggars to vendors to street musicians you'll get the lowdown of what they do, what they want and where you'll see them.

Mobile Phones
The pros and cons of mobile phones by company, including receiving all your calls for free! What to look for when buying, and coming soon how to rent them if you're in Seville for a short amount of time.

Where you can get online in the best cyber cafes in Seville. Also, getting connected in your home or apartment and some internet tools for the traveler. Soon to come is an extended list of locations for cyber cafes.

An overview of technology in Seville, including what to do and expect during your move. Topics include computers, PDA's, digital cameras, digital media, DVD's, VCR's and transporting your music collection.

The world of television in Spain and Seville with an overview of the video formats PAL and NTSC, programming, channels and cable or satellite television. Finally a section on where you can watch the game, be it NFL, NBA, NCAA, NHL, MLB or Premier League games.

Gyms and Sports
A newer section with a listing of local gyms and recreational centers, plus outdoor parks and swimming pools.

Living in Seville
All sorts of topics about getting your life in order in Sevilla, including finding health insurance, utilities, internet, cost of living, finding an apartment (and apartment vocabulary), and opening a bank account.

Study in Seville
How to choose the best program, from costs to facilities and more. Plus a listing of sites, schools and academias to help you sort through all those options.

Moving to Seville
From my experiences and from others I know, this section covers some of the basics such as planning and budgeting, moving, culture shock, work, visas and residence permits.

Daily Entries
See what life as an expat is like by reading my daily entries. From the mundane to exciting to downright boring! But seriously, included in between my rants and personal information you'll likely learn a few important lessons in patience and getting settled.

Travel Forums
I don't have one yet since I don't have enough people visiting my site. Nothing worse than an inactive board. There are also so many out there with good information that I'd prefer to review each one and point you to the good forums for Spain and Seville. Included are my experiences, frequency of posts and tools that make them worth visiting or skipping.

Some of my favorite, starting with travel books and then running through history, art, toros, flamenco, feria, cooking, fiction, and non-fiction about Spain and of course first about Seville if the books permit. If you buy Amazon may send me a whopping 7% of the sales! But it helps pay for hosting and the time I spend working on the site. So start shopping!!!

Stuff I find interesting including news on transportation, new restaurants, closing or renovations of sites, mobile phones, etc. Basically anything I think may help you in your time in Seville.

Although I'd like to I can't cover it all. This section offers more links on Seville and Spain as well as other helpful travel tools and sites.

Mobile Content
A pet project of mine which is growing. Download maps and my guide to international and vegetarian dining in Seville to take with you on your mobile device!

Join email list
Just what it says - enter your email to get updates about Sevilla, the site and other interesting events. I'll never give your personal information away, so sign up today.

About this site
Why I created it and what types of technology and philosophy I implement. This would be my "mission statement" were I a company.

Who am I?
The name of the section speaks for itself, I think...

How I will respect your privacy and not do anything that those good for nothing sites do, like install spyware, bombard you with pop-ups, send you spam and all the stuff that - on some days - makes you hate the internet.

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