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Paintings on display in the Cathedral
Sevilla is a great place to take in an exhibit, whether you want to see painting, sculpture, architecture, or photography. There's always something to see thanks to the Ayuntamiento and Cajas which sponsor such events. Private studios can be found throughout the center with rotating collections by local artists. The pieces displayed differ in form and quality. Of course you can take in a permanent exhibit by simply walking around Sevilla or hitting one of the many museums. There's always something on display! Sevilla also attracts a great number of events and festivals. Music, food, sports, theatre and dance are just a few festival themes you'll see annually, if not more often. The topics below will change according to what's going on in Sevilla every month or so. Listed below are my favorites - most I've been to see, will be seeing once they start, or have been informed I should see and will never make! So I'll try to give you a little insight into what they're all about.

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Events, Festivals and More

Festivales, eventos y más

Haloween 2010
Halloween in Isla Magica "Halloween Magica"

Location: Isla Magica (Cartuja)
Dates: 26, 27, 31 October, 1, 2, 3 November

web:Halloween in Isla Magica
The park is planning several activities, including a transformation of the grounds to celebrate Halloween. Visitors are encouraged to dress up, although they will have face paintings for those who don't. Activities in the past included a 4D movie (what is that?), plus your typical haunted house. And of course there are the normal rides and attractions to give you a thrill during your visit and plenty of people dressed up as something more or less scary.


Festival de las Naciones Sevilla
Festival de las Naciones
Location: Prado de San Sebastian and Plaza Encarnacion
Dates: 19 Sep - 3 Nov

The Festival de las Naciones takes place in the Prado de San Sebastian over about six weeks. This time around the Festival de las Naciones in Sevilla will be in it's 15th year? I honestly don't remember. The Festival runs for over a month, from the end of September to early November. You can sample different foods at the various stands. Almost all include seating and table service, if you can get a table. Also part of the Festival are musical and dance performances as well as plenty of small shops where you can "shop by country".

Feria de Jamon in Aracena
Feria Regional de Jamón y Cerdo Ibérico

Location: Aracena (hour and a half from Sevilla)
Dates: 18-27 October

Get down and dirty with the beloved and tasty pig which is served up throughout Spain. I know that sounds terrible, but during the festival you can learn everything there is to know about raising these little guys and producing the cured meats that come from them. Likely to



Festival de Cine Seville 2010 Festival de Cine / Seville Film Festival
Location: Casino de la Exposicion, Teatro Lope de Vega and Cines Nervión Plaza, University of Seville.
Dates: 8 - 16 November
This year's Seville European Film Festival gives you a chance to see A LOT of movies at very reasonable prices. The Andalusian Panorama section of the festival includes 26 titles (long and short films). Screening the latest productions of Andalusia, some 11 of the short films will compete for a cash prize as well as the possibility of international distribution. You can choose from tickets which cover several movies or individual tickets from around 3 Euros a piece (except for the big events).

Art, Exhibits in Seville


Julio Romero de Torres "Entre el mito y la tradición"
Location: Museo de Bellas Artes
Dates: 25 September - 12 January 2014

Julio Romero de Torres (Cordoba, 1874-1930) is one of the most renowned Spanish artists, considered a master of Andalusian symbolism. The exhibition is a journey through the artist's stylistic evolution. The first stage is linked to Impressionism. From his trip to Italy we notice a definite turn, consolidating a style that identifies his painting: compositions of great symbolism and the constant translating of these to the concept of duality, representing the symbiosis between two moral extremes.

Photography & Architecture in Seville

Fotografía y Arquitectura

Encarnacion Market
Plaza Encarnación, Market and Parasol are open!

Location: Plaza de la Encarnación
Dates: now

web: metropolsevilla.com
Almost 40 years of waiting ended as the the Encarnación market was finally finished a few years ago. It's hard to miss the structure as you wander a few blocks up from La Campana and the central shopping district. What looks like several giant mushrooms (setas in Spanish) are the towers which hold an overlook and some restaurants. The restaurants on top have been completed and you shop for food or get a beer at one of the bars in the market below, explore the ruins beneath in the Antiquarium (museum), or take the elevator to the top for a splendid view (for non-residents the cost is less than 2 Euros).


Iglesia Salvador Restored

Location: Plaza del Salvador
Dates: now

The renovations and excavations in Sevilla's most famous baroque church are finally over, with the exception of a few pieces here and there. The ruins of a mosque and other very important historical items were uncovered below the church. But now, after five years of excellent overall restoration work, the church itself has returned. Not only are the altars and important pieces of art restored, but there is much more light to see the details. The church almost feels like a small cathedral, and certainly rivals many of those in nearby cities.


Iglesia del Buen Suceso Restored

Location: Plaza del Buen Suceso
Dates: now

This little baroque church is just a few blocks away from the Plaza Alfalfa and Plaza Cristo de Burgos. With works by Domingo Martinez, impressive red marble columns and similarities to Iglesia Salvador and Iglesia San Luis (two of my favorite churches in Seville), this 18th century church is worth a visit. It is only open in the morning and afternoon during misa (mass).




Sports in Seville


Betis - Levante
Betis vs. Levante

Location: Estadio Benito Villamarin
Dates: 31 October (22:00)

web: www.realbetisbalompie.es
Getafe comes to town just a point behind Betis in the league table. The teams are part of a group of five or six fighting for the last Champions spot or at least a spot in the UEFA Cup. Getafe of course has a stadium named after Alfonso, one of favorite Betis players several years ago. Maybe this will help somehow for the game! Note the Monday date, certainly planned to avoid Semana Santa in Seville.


Betis - Valencia
Betis vs. Barcelona
Location: Estadio Benito Villamarin
Dates: 10 November

web: www.realbetisbalompie.es
Not much to be said for a game that speaks for itself. Betis - Sevilla is the city rivalry, and like any derby no matter where the teams are in the league table it is always a battle. This year Sevilla finds themselves recovering from a poor start, while Betis has slowed some recently after a great start to the season. Be ready for a lot of atmosphere around the stadium as well as in any bar in the center with the game on!


Betis - Levante
Sevilla vs. Betis - The Derby!

Location: Estadio Sanchez Pizjuan
Dates: 24 November

A big match and a game that speaks for itself. Sevilla - Betis is the city rivalry, and like any rivalry no matter where the teams are in the league table it's always a battle. This year Sevilla finds themselves above Betis but not by much. Betis should be ready to try and knock them down a place or two.




SPECIAL FEATURE: Flamenco Shows in Seville

Espectaculos flamencos en Sevilla

Los Gallos Tablao Flamenco

Location: Plaza Santa Cruz, 11
Dates: Every night (20:00; 22:30)
Los Gallos is one of Seville’s oldest tablaos and perhaps one of the best locations: a renovated historic home in the Plaza de Santa Cruz. The venue is smaller than some of the larger tablaos, and puts to use the rustic and traditional architecture of the original building as a backdrop for traditional flamenco performances. Los Gallos has only one options for tickets: Show + Drink. Book this show.


Auditorio Alvarez Quintero

Location: Calle Alvarez Quintero, 48
Dates: Every night (21:00)
Auditorio Alvarez Quintero is a recent addition to the Seville flamenco scene. Located in a recently renovated 18th century building, the location is only a few meters away from the Cathedral. The owners who once lived in the same house have converted the space to include an area for flamenco performances as well as an art gallery and workshop. Auditorio Alvarez Quintero has only one ticket option for the show (no drink or meal services) Book this show.


Museo del Baile Flamenco (Museum of Flamenco Dance)

Location: Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3
Dates: Every night (19:00 weekdays; 19:30 weekends)
The Museo del Baile Flamenco (Museum of Flamenco Dance) in Seville was opened a few years ago. This is an impressive venue for some of Seville’s best flamenco in a shorter format. Located in the Santa Cruz quarter, the museum offers shows from Sunday to Thursday, as well as longer weekend shows (Fri - Sat). There are many ticket options, including packages for a visit to the museum and introductory flamenco classes. Book this show.


Tablao El Arenal

Location: Calle Rodo, 7
Dates: Every night (20:00; 22:00)
Tablao El Arenal takes its name from the neighborhood in Seville between the Cathedral and the Guadalquivir river. The central location, just a few blocks away from the Maestranza bullring, features a typical 17th century Andalusian building, renovated to offer full dinner and bar service. The flamenco shows last about an hour and a half. Ticket options include the show with a drink, tapas or complete dinner. Book this show.


El Palacio Andaluz

Location: María Auxiliadora, 18-B
Dates: Every night (19:00; 21:30)
The venue is a completely renovated warehouse in the city of Seville, offering over 500 square meters of space, including a large stage area, a typical Andalusian Bodega and plenty of tables with full bar and restaurant service. The venue is more of a theatre setting with the largest capacity and stage of any of the tablaos in Seville. Ticket options include the show with drink, tapas or complete dinner. Book this show.


El Patio Sevillano

Location: Paseo Cristobal Colon, 11A
Dates: Every night (19:00; 21:30)
What is now El Patio Sevillano began in 1952 when the owners founded "Cortijo el Guajiro", located in the very center of Seville. The owners brought to the stage many talented performers, leading to further success. In its early days El Cortijo featured the young talents of Trini España, Matilde Coral, El Farruco, etc. The venus has moved closer to the river, offering ticket options of show with drink, tapas or full dinner service. Book this show.


EscenciaflamencoEsc3ncia Vinos & Arte
Location: Calle del Real 20 - Salteras (Province of Seville)
Dates: Most weekend nights (19:00; 21:30)
Opened in September 2012, Escenia Vinos & Arte is located in the small town of Salteras in the province of Seville. There is a free shuttle service with three pick up points in the city center to take you there and back. The renovated bodega has drink service, and you can enjoy tapas after the show in another bodega just next door. This is a nice way to see some flamenco and get a glimpse of small town life in the province of Seville. Book this show.


Flamenco en Sevilla de OperaFlamenco in Sevilla de Opera
Location: Calle Pastor y Landero 8 (Arenal Market)
Dates: Tuesday and Thursday (19:00; 21:30)
A new venue opened in late 2012, Flamenco in Sevilla de Opera holds shows on Tuesday and Thursday nights within the Arenal Market. The venue is newly renovated with excellent acoustics as well as a unique backdrop for the stage which mimics a street scene in Seville. There are also theatre style opera productions held during the weekends. You can opt for the show with drink, tapas or a fixed price meal. Book this show.


Flamenco Shows in Seville

Location: Various venues
Dates: Every day
There are a wide variety of daily flamenco shows in Seville, with locations in different parts of the city center. In the section below you will find a list of regularly programmed shows. They range in size from large theatre style (El Palacio Anadaluz) to smaller tablaos (Tablao El Arenal) where a meal is included. Then there are smaller venues with just a drink, from Los Gallos in Santa Cruz to Auditorio Alvarez Quintero and the Flamenco Museum. You can buy tickets in advance through flamencotickets.com. Or see the listings above for flamenco shows in Seville.



Art Galleries in Seville

Galerias de arte

Private art galleries are another great way to see some local artists and of course out of the ordinary works. Some are more traditional while others offer more "cutting edge", if you will. The following galleries almost always have something on display:

Galería Álvarez Quintero
Location: c/Álvarez Quintero 48

Galería Álvaro
Location: Plaza de Doña Elvira

Galería Nuevoarte
Location: c/San Vicente, 32

Galería Pepe Cobo
Location: c/Cardenal Cisneros, 5

Galería Haurie
Location: c/Guzman el Bueno, 9

Galería San Vicente
Location: c/San Vicente, 31

Galería Isabel Ignacio
Location: c/Velarde, 9

Galería Rafael Ortiz
Location: c/Marmoles, 12

Galería Full Art
Location: c/Madrid, 4, bajo 1

Galería Margarita Albarrán
Location: c/Meson de Caballeros, 2

Where to catch live music in Seville

Dónde puedes ver música en directo

More places where you can regularly catch a good show are below but I don't keep up regularly with the schedule of all of them. In many of the bars there's no cover - just pay for your drinks! In some of the smaller concert halls expect anywhere from 6-20€ depending on the show. More recommendations to come soon as I spend a few late nights out looking for the music scene:


El Cafetal
(Avda Ciudad Jardin, 5)
A little further out and now in their tenth year of carrying live acts.

La Carboneria
(Santa Cruz - c/Levies)

More flamenco than anything else, but you can find other acts in both the front and back room. This bar is famous and frequented by tourists as well as Spaniards. The front room often houses works by local artists. In the summer the back patio is a cool place to be. In the winter the front room with two fireplaces offers a cozy place to warm up.

Jazz Corner
(Buhaira - c/ Juan Antonio Cavestany)

Jazz as Lisa Simpson would like - the "saxamaphone". But it doesn't stop there, so stop by and check out what they've got going.

La Buena Estrella
(Alameda - c/Trajano , 51)
More jazz in Alameda with weekly jam sessions.

Cafe Naima
(Alameda - c/Conde de Barajas, 2)
Another place in the Alameda to listen to jazz, although I guess not live. While I received reports that there was some live stuff going on, I received a correction that it's only the atmosphere, and never a band, you can find in this bar.

Pub Taifa
(Centro - Plaza Gavidia)
Live jazz and blues on Friday and Saturday nights.

Azucar de Cuba
(Centro - Paseo de Colon)

Right before the bridge to Los Remedios it's another great place to take in some live Cuban music, sip on a daiquiri and smoke a cuban cigar. Dinner and lunch is also served - an authentic Cuban dining experience.

Small "Concert" Halls

Sala Fun Club
Local, regional and larger acts. Hip-hop to metal, funk and alternative.

(Centro/Torneo - c/Torneo)
As well a good mix of acts - neighbors have complained for years about the noise, so they put on some loud shows.

Sala Salvation
Heavy to alternative and a little of everything else.

Casas Ocupadas
Alternative music - some punk, some rock.

Larger Venues

Estadio Olimpico
(across the Puente del Alamillo)

Large acts have made their way here, including Mana. A first rate outdoor venue where they hope to one day host the Olympics, if the heat ever dies down.

El Palenque
(La Cartuja)

Closer to the center of Sevilla than the Estadio Olimpico and an indoor place for off weather nights
. El Palenque hosts international and national acts frequently.

Teatro Central
(La Cartuja)
A mix of the arts with mainly theatre and music performances. Generally plenty of flamenco and other contemporary music each month.

Teatro Lope de Vega
Aside from opera, theatre and the symphony you'll find an occasional flamenco performance by some of the best artists in the world. Very convenient to the center.


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